Bedbug Services

Although bed bugs are not known to transmit or spread diseases, according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CDC (Centers for Disease Control) they are still considered a public health pest – parasites that feed on blood and cause a variety of physical, mental and economic problems.

They are among the most serious and unsavory pests, but ones that our team of pest management professionals is highly skilled at quickly and effectively exterminating.

Using traditional methods along with Heatigation, our signature controlled heat treatment that destroys bed bugs in all stages of life, we have cemented our position as the true industry leaders when it comes o effectively, discretely and affordably eliminating bed bugs.

  • Perform a detailed and thorough inspection
  • Educate on the habits of bed bugs
  • Explain the preparation requirements for service
  • Perform a detailed and thorough service, incorporating a variety of innovative strategies
  • Educate on the risks of re-infestation and how to avoid it
  • Assist properties in bed bug management
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